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Septimus Julius Augustus Denison, who, because of his year of birth, actually saw relatively little active military service but managed to rise to the rank of Major General in the British and Canadian armies. 

Septimus Julius Augustus Denison

“George Taylor Denison III is one of the more colourful members of the family. He had a long military career and was an active contributor to civic duty. He was an accomplish author on military history.”


“Admiral John Denison served in the Royal Navy from 1867 to 1919 having joined as a midshipman. He commanded the Royal Yacht HMY Victoria and Albert. His son Bertram was an early casualty of WW I.”


“Yvonne Denison was the granddaughter of Admiral John Denison and the daughter of Captain Bertram Denison. In WW II she served in the Censorship Branch of British Intelligence in England, Bermuda, Trinidad and Curaҫao.”

Gladys audrey Yvonne Denison

“Frederick Charles Denison was a military man through and through. He participated and often led Canadian and British forces in most conflicts in the late 1800’s.”

Frederick Charles Denison

“With three generations of military service behind him, George Taylor Denison IV continued tradition and lead a long career in the military. Later in life, he bravely led a bicycle brigade in WWI.” 

George Taylor Denison IV

“Alexander Douglas Kirkpatrick led a short life, dying alone in France during WW1. Born into influence and prominence, he was schooled well and entered into business with his father before heeding the call to serve.”

Alexander Douglas Kirkpatrick

“John Denison Jackson was also known as Jay-Jay. He lost his mother at the age of 6 and was eventually caught up in the fever of war and enlisted to serve in WW II. He was killed in uncertain circumstances in France in 1944.”

John Denison Jackson

John Denison Jackson

“Henry Ormsby Boyd served in WWI but not in the usual battles in Europe. He served in Egypt and Mesopotamia (now Iraq).  He was killed in 1916 and commemorated in Iraq and the cenotaph at the family cemetery. “

 Henry Ormsby Boyd 

This is a story of two Denison brothers who signed up for duty at a relatively old age. They were not famous, they were privates who experienced the loss of their father in 1906 and perhaps sought a way to escape their humdrum lives with what they perceived as a once in a life-time adventure. “

Pte’s John and Frank Denison

“Follow the adventures of this Denison who served his country as a pilot, was shot down, spent the rest of the war as a POW and upon returning to Canada continued to serve our veterans.”

Egerton Boyer Denison

“Arthur Kirkpatrick was a brother-in-law of a descendent of Captain John. He had a long tradition of service with the Queen’s Own Rifles, served in WWI, was a POW and later was prominent in social circles and a civic leader in Toronto.”


“Historical writings by Sue Weller on her great (3) grand-father John Fennings Taylor who was the First Clerk of Senate of Canada. She also clarifies confusion with his nephew John Fennings Taylor the Younger (known by Fennings Taylor). Both married Denisons”. 

John Fennings Taylor The Elder

“This sad story is about a young descendant of Captain John Denison who volunteered for service in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War Two. He died only twenty-five years old under mysterious circumstances.”

Denison Hilton Thompson 

George Taylor Denison II  was a lawyer, alderman, developer, business man and soldier. He built one of the family homes Rusholme. He was instrumental in building a loyal military presence in the mid 1880’s. 

      George Taylor  DEnison II