Septimus Julius Augustus Denison, who, because of his year of birth, actually saw relatively little active military service but managed to rise to the rank of Major General in the British and Canadian armies. 

Septimus Julius Augustus Denison

“George Taylor Denison is one of the more colourful members of the family. He had a long military career and was an active contributor to civic duty. He was an accomplish author on military history.”


“Rear Admiral John Denison served in the Royal Navy from 1867 to 1909 having joined as a midshipman. He commanded the Royal Yacht HMY Victoria and Albert. His son Bertram was an early casualty of WW I.”


“Yvonne Denison was the granddaughter of Admiral John Denison and the daughter of Captain Bertram Denison. In WW II she served in the Censorship Branch of British Intelligence in England, Bermuda, Trinidad and Curaҫao.”

Gladys audrey Yvonne Denison

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Denison Family

Place holder. More to come”

Denison Family