For the public

Here are other sites that may be of interest to those researching the Denison family.

If you’re A member of the Family

Please go to our Facebook group for more information about the family. The Facebook group is closed to just family members.

It’s easy to find the group. In Facebook, just search for “Denison Family of Toronto” and click to request to join the group. We’ll validate your name in the family tree. If we can’t find you or are uncertain, we’ll connect with you via Facebook messenger. Please watch for that.

You may be interested in viewing the family tree. It’s a “redacted” version meaning that we only show certain data. Please refer to the privacy policy on the first page. This policy only applies to the family tree.

If you need the cemetery for a burial

First of all, you have our condolences.

Please refer to the pdf document “In Case of Need“. It will guide you through the process. There are some forms that you’ll need to fill out. You can print the forms that are in the pdf version of In Case of Need or you can complete the Word files below and email them to the Property Manager (or their designate). Please refer to In Case of Need for contact information.

The forms are: