Cemetery for the Denison family of Toronto


Do you have questions about the cemetery?


Who ARE You?

We’re the descendants of early settlers in Toronto – Captain John Denison and his wife Sophia. Burials in this cemetery are for their descendants and spouses.

The cemetery is located on the original family farm established in the early 1800’s. Captain John’s Will called for a section of the farm to be carved off as a family burial ground. Since then, a small group of descendants of Captain John have operated the cemetery on behalf of the entire family.

Can I look Around?

Absolutely. As a member of the public, you’re welcome to enjoy the property and explore it’s history.

Please remember that the cemetery is private property and is a sacred place to the Denison family. Please clean up after your pet and conduct yourself in a respectful manner.

During funerals or other services at the cemetery, the gates will be closed and admittance limited to those invited.

Can I learn MORE?

Of course. The Denison family has a long history of significant contributions to Toronto – especially in the 1800’s.

The families primary contributions were to military and public service.

You can learn more at our Resources page.